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  • RELEASE DATE: 2023-11-29
    DP10 gets ALI Certification

    We are pleased to announce that the PEAK DP10 two-post lift, with a lifting capacity of 4500KG (10000lbs), has successfully met the certification standards ANSI/ALI ALCTV-2017 and the ALI Automotiv...

  • RELEASE DATE: 2023-08-03
    New Product: Adjustable Wheel Support Adapters

    New Product-Adjustable Wheel Support Adapters The new adjustable wheel support adapters (P/N:20807) are available now at PEAK. Perfect fit for all vehicles from EV to full size SUV, even for 4 ...

  • RELEASE DATE: 2023-07-11
    New Model: 409-DP,409-DPX

    We're so proud to launch our 409-DP and 409-DPX of double parking 4 post lift. They are space masters, max your garage space and provide 4 big parking unit for each lift. We have introduced many Pe...

  • RELEASE DATE: 2022-04-21
    New Model: MRL-4000

      New model MRL-4000 Mid-rise Scissors Lift   PEAK is introducing our new mid-rise scissors lift model MRL-4000 to the market. MRL-4000 has been designed with hydraulic locking system, ...

  • RELEASE DATE: 2022-01-11
    Wheel Support Adapters

      Wheel Support Adapter are suitable for most of 2 post lifts in the market, changing the 2 post lifts from chassis-support to wheel-support. It is also available for low-chassis or electri...

  • RELEASE DATE: 2021-04-06
    Mobile scissor lift MRL-3000


  • RELEASE DATE: 2021-03-01
    PEAK launched 40,000 lbs heavy duty four post

    In March 2021, PEAK launched 40,000 lbs heavy duty four post 440 and 440E model. The 440 is PEAK’s heaviest-duty truck lift. This makes it the most powerful lift out of our selection w...

  • RELEASE DATE: 2020-09-20
    Golf accessory Part No.20805.

    In September 2020, PEAK launched Golf accessory PEAK Golf Accessory are suitable for most 2 post lift in the market. The installation is simple and width ...

  • RELEASE DATE: 2020-08-10
    PEAK launched heightened clear-floor 2 post lift mode...

    The model 210CHX is a new extremely high lifting 2 post lift. Lifting height up to 2000mm (not included the extension adapters).Two pieces columns and top beam make the installation an...

  • RELEASE DATE: 2019-04-06
    PEAK launched 30,000lbs heavy duty

    In March 2019, PEAK launched 30,000lbs heavy duty four post 430/430E model. The model 430 is a step above our 418, which is an entry level lift in the medium duty truck categor...

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